Carnival Dragons

by Bolex Rex

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Recorded at Gardenside Studios in Fresno California. 2005-2006.


released June 6, 2006

Mark-synthesizers and vocals
Pam-drums and vocals

Engineered by Shawn Covert and Matt Orme
Mixed by Shawn, Matt, Mike Mancillas and Bolex Rex
Mastered by Jeff King



all rights reserved


Bolex Rex San Luis Obispo, California

Pam and Mark
since 1998

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Track Name: A Bit Like Falling
A toast of honor to good ol' John Bull
aboard his sparred wherry shuttle
to a frigate whose stern mast isn't true
as the girls fading off waving in calico

Beware the bridgehead 3 barrel heads past
where the rigging got heavy weighing out
whoever was the most crass
singing "I will be fallen before John Bull"

when the moorings rot and tethers worn thin
and sails are filling up in the wind
get the feeling that its a bit like falling

its a bit like falling in love

Its colder now than the bottom of the Canada moors
walking a borzoid in the Alps in 1924
cursing at the snow with quinine breath
Track Name: Proper Buriel
Champions on even footing
flying dreams always behind
then fall like rain and well before you
deep and still
as a loch ness ice pool

a proper burial
is reserved for us still.
(It goes out of my heart straight into my head)

Broken glass sewn on the lapel
of royal robes soaked at the waist
in warm mulled wine
and on the back
stitched a deer that's frozen in the headlights
Track Name: Hell or High Water
Spinsters in training
painting flowers and owls
in crimson and cobalt
on the seat of hand-stitched bloomers

smoke from an unfiltered
shoved in a pearlescent tip
she's the queen of the valley from when she said

-like I'd believe a word she said::
anything you do
anyone that you might know
cuz its not funny how you got to me
I will be watching over you

Our queen of the valley
defied death on the side
of an outcrop of granite
that looked like an old man's hat
Could have sworn her voice
was a wavering shambles
but I was too drunk to remember
just what she said.
Track Name: Sweet Miller's Daughter
awaken every day on the farm
sent to school with a kiss
a miller's daughter's charm
laced boots at 3rd eye
never higher
across the dusty path of datura
horse pastures and brier

welcomed to the schoolhouse
with a church bell toll
a brand new slate and a lunch bucket
both still cold
and dreams of keeping the boys
all hushed and beguiled
until 3:15 and a left
at the mercantile

I only wish this day would have lasted forever

Even the sweetest miller's daughter's got the devil in her.

her heart was bleeding when she came
to the elbow in the creek
the tanned boys without shirts
their knickers rolled to their knees
although its pre-ordained
she coyly asked for a swim
and as god is my witness
that girl...all the way to her chin

as the current swept her head over heels
towards the mill with its clicks and its wheels and squeals
well its a very good thing
her daddy slept on his job
didn't have to see the seized machinery
as his daughter wound up in a cog